Can I get the Ray Gun Mark 2 if I have purchased Vengeance Map Pack but not the DLC Season Pass? I do not want to have to buy the Season Pass, and I hope that I can get the Ray Gun Mark 2 without it.

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Yes, you can.

From the wiki

The Ray Gun Mark II is a wonder weapon that was released alongside the Zombies map, Buried, and is featured in all Zombies maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops II (only if the player has downloaded the Vengeance map pack).

Basically, the reason people with the Season Pass get this weapon, is because they have effectively pre-purchased the Vengeance map pack, but anyone who purchases the map pack separately gets it as well, regardless of what they do/don't already have in terms of other map packs.

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Yes they do, because people who purchase the DLC was released WITH the ray gun mark 2 not with the season pass. Thereforth, you will receive it. The same goes for the die rise dlc with the peacekeeper assultrifle for multiplayer

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