I just logged onto my minecraft after maybe 8-9 months at the most. When I first logged in. I tried to switch between and I forgot how, so I looked and it said to press f1. Before I did I could destroy and place blocks, but now I can't destroy them! Is this common, does anyone know how to fix it? And btw, whenever I go onto a bare hand to destroy something, it just goes back to the first item in my inventory.


First things first.

F1 makes your Minecraft become into like a Camera Mode. It removes your inventory and hand that you can see again if you press F1 again.


If you cannot destroy blocks, either you are holding a sword, or you are in Adventure Mode.

You can change back by executing the command:

/gamemode 1

  • 1.13 syntax: /gamemode creative – pppery Aug 7 at 15:32

Try not to keep a sword in your hand while trying to break blocks,because they won't. Attack with your empty hand or with another object.


You could be in spectator mode or adventure mode. You should be able to go into creative mode by using /gamemode 1 on a world with cheats

  • 1.13 syntax: /gamemode creative – pppery Aug 7 at 15:32

If you are in creative mode and have a sword in your hand, you cant break things. Also, make sure you are in creative mode and not adventure mode.

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