So I started Counter Strike Global Offensive about two weeks ago and apparently I am on Corporal Rank 5, but when I googled the ranks, I don't see Corporal.

I am new to this game and I just want the ranks to be explained.

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I think the thing your looking for is good described in this wiki.

The rank system itself is basically used for the match making to find people with the same experience as you.


The rank that you are talking about is your experience level. It is purely cosmetic, but level 3 is required to play competitive (which you have passed). After every level up you will get a drop after the match where you levelled up, up to a max of 1 drop a week per level.

When you searched for the CS:GO ranks on google, it would of most likely showed the competitive matchmaking ranks, which are a separate system specific to competitive matches only.

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