I would like to know how to get the 'ULTIMATE' Great-Sword for the mercenary in Fantasy Life, I am a Legend level and I don't know what other lives I need to master to unlock the sword. Any advice? Which lives do I need to master?

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In order to get the Crescent Blade (the highest attack greatsword in the non-DLC Fantasy Life) you must master the Mercenary, Angler, and Tailor classes, then pay a visit to the pirate ship that you met with Olivia in. When you enter the captain's quarters, you will see a treasure chest off to your left. After you have mastered the aforementioned classes the chest will be open-able and within it you will find the Crescent Blade along with the Buccaneer's Hat, Buccaneer's Coat, Buccaneer's Bottoms, Buccaneer's Boots.

Source: Personal play tagged with The Fantasy Life Wiki for specifics and links.

  • Oh and if you haven't gotten it already, I suggest going to the king during the day to get your Mercenary outfit as well.
    – Cyberson
    Jul 5, 2015 at 21:46

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