I am going to buy some stuff for a premium account. However, I do not want to buy an item that is possible to get through achievements because then that is a waste of money.

What are all the items that I can get through TF2 achievements?

  • Note that it's not entirely a waste of money to buy an achievement item, since you can apply cosmetics to the duplicate and/or trade it away. Also, some achievements involve the achievement items, so buying some items early can help you with classes you're not good at.
    – TheHans255
    Jul 4, 2019 at 13:18

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You will find a full list of all achievement rewards at Valve's Team Fortress 2 Wiki. Some are dependant on character milestones, while others rely on events that may be locked out. Several come as rewards for unlocking achievements in other games, on Steam.

Character Milestones

Character milestone rewards are unlocked for completing a certain amount of achievements in the respective class achievement category. I have included a link to each achievement list in the class name.

The Scout

The Soldier

The Pyro

The Demoman

The Heavy

The Engineer

The Medic

  • Blutsauger (rewarded for 10 class achievements)
  • Kritzkrieg (rewarded for 16 class achievements)
  • Ubersaw (rewarded for 22 class achievements)

The Sniper

  • Hunstman (rewarded for 5 class achievements)
  • Jarate (rewarded for 11 class achievements)
  • Razorback (rewarded for 17 class achievements)

The Spy

Halloween Rewards

Halloween Rewards unlock by completing certain achievements within the Halloween maps and events. Most are more accessible during Halloween, but can still be unlocked throughout the year. Simply join a server running the appropriate maps.

Content Update Achievements

These achievements relate to content updates and various other additions to the game.

Game Crossovers

These items are earned through alternate Steam titles.

Alien Swarm

  • Alien Swarm Parasite (earned by completing Hat Trick : "Complete any two missions, on any difficulty level")

Alliance of Valiant Arms

  • Black Rose (earned by completing 1st One Down : "Complete your first game")

CrimeCraft GangWars

Poker Night at the Inventory

  • Iron Curtain (earned by completing Special Item: The Heavy : "Knock out The Heavy adfter he has brought in his special item.")
  • Enthusiast's Timepiece (earned by completing Special Item: Tycho : "Knock out Tycho after he has brought in his special weapon.")
  • Dangeresque, Too? (earned by completing Special Item: Strong Bad : "Knock out Strong Bad after he has brought in his special weapon.")
  • Lugermorph (earned by completing Special Item: Max : "Knock out Max after he has brought in his special weapon.")
  • License to Maim (earned by completing Special Item: Max : "Knock out Max after he has brought in his special weapon.")

Poker Night 2

  • Long Fall Loafers (earned by completing Personality Goes a Long Way : "Win GLaDOS' bounty item.")
  • Necronomicrown (earned by completing Book 'Em : "Win Ash's bounty item.")
  • Samson Skewer (earned by completing Orb 'n' Legends : "Win Brock's bounty item.")
  • Bloodhound (earned by completing Banjo Hero : "Win Sam's bounty item")
  • Dapper Disguise (earned by completing Trophy Wife : "Win Claptrap's bounty item")


Spiral Knights

  • Spiral Sallet (earned by completing Mission Accomplished : "Reach the first Clockworks Terminal")

Super Monday Night Combat

  • Flamingo Kid (earned by completing Rookie Agent : "Achieve agent level 5")
  • Triclops (earned by completing All-Star Agent : "Achieve agent level 20")
  • You can obtain Halloween achievements from previous years. Most of them aren't even time locked, you just have to be playing on the correct map. Masked Mann is time locked to the Halloween event and can be completed on any map that has gift drops (Mann Manor, Eyeaduct, Ghost Fort, or Helltower). Sackston Hale requires items that can only be gotten from Mann Manor during the Halloween event, although you can trade for them. The rest can be gotten by playing the correct maps.
    – Powerlord
    Aug 6, 2015 at 20:56

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