On the default and classic control schemes on the Xbox One port of Elite: Dangerous the left hand menu (back button) is bound to the OS friends snap-in.

This is useless most of the time, as friends list is already readily available through the snap in menu. It's also a little frustrating as in most games this button is bound to an in-game menu (inventory, skill-tree, crafting, etc) so it snapping out of the game is rather unexpected.

Is there any way to bind it to something that makes sense like the system map, galaxy map or Galcon powers/news?

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No... unless you want to invest some time and currency.

Two straight-forward ways to re-bind the controls do not work. The game itself won't allow you to bind that specific button and the Xbox Accessories App, which allows you to rebind controller buttons, does not allow to rebind that specific button.

What you are left with are third party tools like, for example, the Titan One. Devices like these are able to remap controller input to one or more inputs. Hence, you could rebind the specific button you are asking about to, say, Y (held) and left to get the Galaxy Map.


This is incredibly interesting, as I have started playing E:D on PC, with an Xbox One Elite controller (wireless). Here in this default config, [Back] is bound to Toggle Hardpoints.

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