I am trying to make a mob spawner trap with instant fall to lava lake.

image description

The actual thing I need to connect is (the block below piston isn't needed):

image description

I figured out double negation connection with 2 torches and 2 repeaters per piston, but it takes out a lot of space:

image description

Is there anything more compact? I thought people are making those huge enderman farms with pressure plates. That would be a lot of repeaters.

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If you have sticky pistons, this type of wiring is pretty compact:

piston pusher

  • I don't have them but still this answer shows the most compact solution. Commented Jul 8, 2015 at 6:58

Just run the redstone up. Very resource friendly (no repeaters) and tileable. Though will cause a little bit more lag.

enter image description here


Old question, but nevertheless: You can do it a bit more compact. You just need one repeater and one redstone.

enter image description here


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