Hi guys I'm lost in level 11. I've searched both the Sky buffer and the ground buffer, and can't go any further.

This is the position on ground where I'm stuck: enter image description here

This is the position on sky where I'm stuck: enter image description here

It seems I need the O key to continue (which I haven't got). Where can I find O key? Or maybe I can insert below/up the current line without O key?


You can get o and O in the area below where you were stuck in the sky buffer: Vim-Adventures Level 11 Access by editing the 'my dear Watson' line, which extends a path to the relevant sky island. You need a blue key to open the door.

It's worth mentioning that you can also add lines with p and P if you have text in your register ('clipboard') and that text includes a <NL> (newline). You can use :reg to check the contents of your registers.

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