I've been interested in Dwarf Fortress, so I decided to start playing with it. It has a reputation for being quite difficult, so I decided to find a tutorial. Every tutorial I found recommended to start by a river, and not to start by an aquifer.

So, I started the game, generated my world, and what do I find? Every single area with a river, also has an aquifer. Are these tied together?

If it helps, I am running the latest version (0.31.10).

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No, they're not guaranteed to come together, at least not when considering a brook the same as a river. A brook is easier for beginners to start with, and has the same benefits as a river.

I usually use the following settings in the find dialog to find a good place for starters:

  • Evil: Medium
  • Temperature: Medium
  • Rain: Medium
  • Flux Stone: Yes
  • Aquifer: No
  • River: Yes

You might also want to read my reponse on the question for a good starting location for beginners.

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    The only benefit a brook lacks is being a barrier to invaders :(
    – SaintWacko
    Commented Feb 20, 2012 at 17:07

I know you can find brooks in areas that do not also have aquifers. In fact, brooks are easier to work with because they can be walked over, so I really recommend them over rivers for starting with.

If you can't find a good starting area (there's a lot of places to look, don't give up too soon!) you might have generated a difficult world. You can always regenerate.

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