I've played with the Kruos and got the Med-bot augmentation.

My ship got destroyed before getting a med-bay. Now I wonder if both augmentations together can cancel the health loss that most races suffer in vacuum.

An entirely oxygenless ship would be a good defence against boarders. Having the advantages of non-lanius races in addition to that seems to be a desirable setup.

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With a little math we can figure out the answer:

From here we know that with the medi-bot active, it takes 10 seconds to do 50% damage to a crew member, so the crew takes 5 HP/S.

Normally, it would take 15 seconds for a crew member to die. From that answer we also know that vacuum does 6.67 HP/s damage.

So medi-bot basically heals for 1.67 HP/S.

Emergency Respirators reduces vacuum damage to 50% (3.33 HP/S).

So no, the medi-bot alone won't be enough for your crew to survive in a vacuum. However, crystal crew members, who already take less damage from vacuums, will be able to survive indefinitely.

  • After first reading your answer I still had hope to pull this off by upgrading the med-by, but following the first link shattered this hope with the destructive force of a rockman's fist. =( Commented Jul 9, 2015 at 11:53
  • And, of course, best of luck getting a Crystal crew-member. Commented Jul 14, 2015 at 20:49

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