I am trying to build a Wimpy in minecraft, and it uses a rail system to deliver food. I have two sides of the restaurant, but one rail switching between the two sides. A redstone torch doesnt work, so I need to activate the lever with another lever from the kitchen

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Have you tried using an inverter? Levers are emitters, not receivers. An inverter will work both as an emitter and receiver

enter image description here


Levers can not interact with other levers. To get a similar effect you could use memory cells and buttons. Wiki entry on logic gates.

Components that would be of interest:

  • XOR (Only returns true if one input is true but not both)

  • Memory Cells (Allows the system to remember button presses)

  • Monostable circuit (Allows altering of redstone signal duration)

To get the track to switch try powering the block below the intersection with a torch or repeater.

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