In minecraft, how do you make those massive columns/stacks/pillars of commandblocks? I tried making one but it didn't work. Here's my command:

/summon FallingSand ~ ~1 ~ {Block:redstone_block,Time:100,Riding:{Block:command_block,Time:100,TileEntityData:{Command:/say test}}}

It was meant to make a redstone block with a command block on top of it with the command to say test but instead I only get a redstone block.

I've looked this up but have found nothing on making these pillars of command blocks.

Any help on making these/fixing my code?


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You must add the id:FallingSand tag to each block you want to stack. So, you're command should be:

/summon FallingSand ~ ~1 ~ {Block:redstone_block,Time:100,Riding:{Block:command_block,Time:100,TileEntityData:{Command:/say test},id:FallingSand}}


It is like when making any entity riding another entity. When not adding the id tag to the stacked entities (FallingSand blocks), the command block will not know which entity it should summon that the FallingSand is riding on. Like for example, when you want to make a Zombie riding a Bat and do /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{}}, it will not know that you want the entity that the Zombie is riding must be a Bat, but when you do /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:Bat}}, it will know that the Zombie should ride a Bat. The FallingSand is used in the same way as any other entities when riding each other.


See if this command works:

/summon FallingSand ~ ~1 ~ {Time:1,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:},Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Time:1,Block:redstone_block,Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Time:1,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:},Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Time:1,Block:redstone_block,Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Time:1,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:},Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Time:1,Block:redstone_block,Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Time:1,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:}}]}]}]}]}]}]}

The 1.10 version is:

/summon FallingSand ~ ~1 ~ {Block:redstone_block,Time:1,Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Block:command_block,Time:1,Command:{say hi}}, {id:FallingSand,Block:_what you want_,Time:1}]}

I am doing this off of memory, so it may not be that, tell me if it isn't, I'll fix it.

And I couldn't remember the /tellraw command so I just copied it of of a site and pasted it and I was good.


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