I've been playing Pokemon Shuffle for a while and I've gotten up to to Expert Stage 19 (Yveltal) and I've gotten an S rank on many of the main stages up to 190.

I know there are more Expert Stages to unlock, but what are the requirements?

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Expert stages are unlocked based on the number of main stages the player has achieved S-rank on.

As of now (version 1.2.6) there are 24 Expert Stages, those you are missing are Mewtwo, Genesect, Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja.

Here below you can see which Expert Levels you haven't unlocked yet.

enter image description here

As the developers are still adding content and so new Expert Stages, I suggest you to check Bulbapedia after each update.

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    As a note (as this will continue to change), each time the developers add new levels, they add expert stages as well (as there are more possible S ranks). As of February 2016, there are 35 expert stages Feb 8, 2016 at 21:05
  • @ChaseSandmann That's why I've put the update version when I wrote the answer. Anyway thank you, I've just noticed that the link was changed.
    – pinckerman
    Feb 8, 2016 at 22:03

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