I am making an adventure map and I want a person to pass out on the ship and not see anything at all, at that moment the chat says what just happened but when i do /effect @a minecraft:blindness 255 20 (correct amount of time) they can see blocks around them. But during the time they read the chat they are teleported to a different area. Any ideas or what I should do?

  • If there was nothing above the player, and 1.9 was a thing yet, I'd suggest using a levitation effect to slowly distance the player from any surrounding blocks, but alas! – MrLemon Jul 10 '15 at 7:59

Maybe tp them to a small room made of barrier blocks, and nothing around them, so it looks like they're in a void of some kind?

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You cloud try running a command to teleport them to a room made completely out of black blocks, or the floor they're on and coal blocks all around them, then teleport them back when needed.

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  • While potentially better than the above, this still has the issue of suddenly changing the surroundings. – MrLemon Jul 9 '15 at 20:58

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