I've dived head-first into the brick wall that is skyfactory 2 (First time I've used a minecraft mod). I'm trying to make an automatic cobblestone generator. The recipe for transfer nodes and transfer pipes don't seem to work. What I mean by this is that they literally don't produce anything when put into a crafting table in the right order. I'm really struggling to figure out what's going on with this. Any help/advice/suggestions welcome. I'm using ATLauncher to play skyfactory.


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Try using a mod called NEI (It's already in Sky Factory 2) Open up your inventory. At the bottom of your screen, there should be a black bar. Click that and search for "Transfer node" or "Transfer pipe". On the right should appear items matching that search. Hover your mouse over them and press R for the recipe (You may need to press R a few times occasionally as another mod, Inventory Tweaks, also uses the key R and conflicts).

If you have all the components of the crafting recipe in your inventory, open up a crafting table, use NEI to find it, press R on it and Shift Click the ? next to the recipe to automatically fill it in


I am having the same problem, and I figured out that the NEI recipe is incorrect. Instead of using smooth stone as it suggests, use tin.

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