(Unknowingly) I coloured my username in MCPE... Now I can't change or even have a username...it's just a blank space. I can't play servers and write im the chat.

If you can give me advice without a Jailbreak device being involved, that would be great!

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I don't really know how file managers work on IOS, but if you can find a 'games' folder, go in 'com.mojang', 'minecraftpe' and then to 'options.txt', you find your username there that you can modify.


I think you have to delete minecraft then purchase it again.

  • Yeah, you're most likely right, I mean that will work, but all my worlds will be deleted. I spent 2 years in creative to make this one world... So I will just wait till a bug fix update comes out. Commented Jul 11, 2015 at 6:25

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