So we setup the Game-Banana/Game-MapsL4D2 Split-Screen mod and it works GREAT for local-play. However it's a bit iffy for Online play and I've only been able to get it to work on VERSUS matches so far. We'd like to play online CAMPAIGN-mode but I haven't been able to get it to work.

Here are the the steps I follow with VERSUS-mode:

  1. If I don't already have the server-iP then I join as single player.
  2. After joining I access console to acquire the server-iP using "status" command or just by scrolling up to find it.
  3. Exit match to main-menu and in console enter the following command: connect_splitscreen localhost "iP address + PORT go here" 2
  4. If there's room when we come back in all is good, and we get to have fun.

I've been trying the same process for CAMPAIGN-mode and it just fails, every time the game starts it's single player not splitscreen. I know my process above may be convoluted so if you know of an easier way please do tell, that and a way to join an ONLINE-Campaign matches in split-screen.

FYi: I have not tried any other Online Game Modes besides the two mentioned.

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According to a Left 4 Dead 2 Splitscreen Guide on the Steam Community, Official servers (run by Valve) no longer support splitscreen with a controller.

However you can still join online community (third-party) servers:

Join an Online server in SplitScreen

Yes! You can also play SplitScreen online (Every gamemode is playable online, campaign co-op, Versus, Scanvenger, Survival and Versus but ONLY on Community servers, you can't play online SplitScreen on Valve server's anymore after the recent updates)

Once you've got the IP of the server, go back to the game, open Console and type:

connect_splitscreen localhost "IP of the Server Here" 2

and press Enter

According to the guide, you can use GameTracker to find online community servers.

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