So since the Gun Mettle update rolled out, I have completed four different contracts, three of them for specific classes and one for a specific Gun Mettle map. Although, something isn't quite right.

Even though I have completed four contracts, my Contract Coin shows the stats from only three of them.

So is this just a weird bug? Can this be fixed?

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    Could be a syncing issue. If it hasn't appeared in a couple of days it's probably best to contact Valve about this. – Robotnik Jul 13 '15 at 4:49
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    yeah probably best to contact Valve then I'd say. (report back when you get a response) :) – Robotnik Jul 13 '15 at 6:00

The 2015 July 15 update (yesterday's update) included this in its patch notes:

  • Fixed a case where Campaign Coins weren't displaying the correct stats based on the number of submitted contracts
    • Everyone affected by this bug has received the maximum contract points (including bonus points) for the missing contracts

So yes, it was a bug.

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