How do I unlock all the secret characters in You Must Build A Boat?

  • Catapult - Unlocked in Woodward's library after unlocking enough monsters.
  • Ninja - Hides in the scenery next to your boat in the Pagoda map.
  • Wraith - Kill a wraith in the Vault map with a Fireball spell.
  • Black Dragon - Watch the paintings in the Gallery map, and tap the one that's a painting of a Black Dragon.
  • Geltower - Eat food while fighting a Geltower inside the Mage map (the big fluffy cube)
  • Robber - Tap your character repeatedly, making him hop at least 5 times just after you hop out of bed.
  • Skeleton King - Sell enough items to Saundi's Broking, at least 50+. I'm guessing it's "every type of item" but I haven't been able to corroborate that.

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