In Freedom Wars, there's a character in the CODE 2 cell block named Pedro who speaks of revolution. The options are to leave the conversation, or report him to the authorities.

I was just penalized 20 additional years on my sentence for not selecting a response within 10 seconds, and am now wondering what would happen if I reported him. Are there any negative repercussions for reporting him? Any positive ones?

  • I think I reported him since I was all about toeing the party line, but I don't remember anything significant happening due to that decision. I'd have to go back and check if that NPC is still there.
    – mmatthews
    Jul 13, 2015 at 16:24

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Pedro is related to one of the gangs out side the prison, and you need to go along with what he says, or it will have a negative impact on the game.

If you report him, people start to like you. However, his gang will come after you further down the game story. Also, Pedro survives prison, and gets broken out. You will meet him again..

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