In Clicker Heroes I normally encounter some strange creeper mostly around the level 110 . Does anyone of you know if there is something special about him or if it's just a picture of someone? Maybe the developer itself?

Strange Boss at Level 110


You've come across the "secret" Kappa boss. From the wiki (go down to the Miscellaneous section):

Secret "Kappa" Boss: When reaching a boss level, there is a chance that instead of spawning the normal boss for that level, it will spawn this "Kappa" boss instead. It is a Turtloid Warlock enemy with the twitch.tv "Kappa" emote on its face.

There's a little more info here about Kappa.

Also important to note is that this boss doesn't give any extra benefit or reward. I'm not sure if it will ever spawn as a primal boss.

  • This boss can actually spawn as primal! It happened to me.
    – Oreo
    Sep 17 '15 at 3:47

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