I'm replaying Diablo2 with Amazon once again and I would like to leave music and SFX sounds, but I want to mute the Amazon, her constant shouts when she shoots are going on my nerves. Does anyone know how to disable character sounds and leave only music/sfx in the game?

EDIT: I'm aware of various MPQ readers available, but I would like to get more specific advice, such as "You need to get tool A, open file B, look for certain rows C and comment/replace them, save file and enjoy the game". Last time when I checked the tools they only could read and export MPQ contents..


You probably need to "mod" Diablo 2. This includes getting a MPQ extractor, getting some silent .WAV files and putting them back into the archive. This will work on Battle.net too (if I recall correctly), as sound effects and music are client-side.

You can get started by visiting the Phrozen Keep, the site for Diablo II modding. You're looking for

  1. How to read a MPQ archive
  2. How to replace files in a MPQ archive.
  • I was looking for a more detailed answer, with tool names or maybe a mod link. Perhaps d2patch.mpq which overrides Amazon sounds? – Kromster May 21 '11 at 12:15
  • 2
    I'm have not done D2 modding for years, and this is the best answer I could give. I recommend you post in Phrozenkeep's forum there to get more accurate answers. – Extrakun May 26 '11 at 14:34

I checked the Phrozen Keep site, but I could not download editing tools from there (WinMPQ to be specific), so I've downloaded latest MPQ Editor from http://zezula.net/en/mpq/download.html (as was suggested in comments) and it was very easy to do the task.

  • Backup d2sfx.mpq file
  • Open d2sfx.mpq with the editor
  • Browse to folder with amazon combat sounds and delete those shouts (I had to delete Valkyrie shouts as well, they are equally annoying)
  • Close the tool (somehow it saves changes without asking - be careful!)

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