I am kind of new to Rust and I am struggling badly to hunt, e.g. for a horse. It keeps running away, even if I sneak and am behind it's back. I do not have cloth to make a bow, and I had no luck to find wolves or bears that I could just charge. What are the most effective ways of hunting animals that run? I also know that you can throw the spear, but my aim is terrible, unless he is about 2-3 meters away

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Two spears will bring down just about any animal.

Practice throwing a spear into a tree or something. You can get a sense of distance and aim.

  • Approach horse slowly and quietly using crouch
  • Throw first spear (Horse will bolt and run)
  • Run down the horse until it stops running
  • Throw second spear
  • Harvest that delicious uncooked wolf meat from its lifeless body

Once you kill an animal or two you should have enough cloth to construct a bow.

If you use a bone knife you will harvest more than by using a rock or other crude tool.

  • Thanks. I asked this because you need cloth for a bow. You can get 20 cloth from hemp fibers
    – John K
    Commented Aug 5, 2015 at 21:02

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