So recently I got a premium account in tf2. Does that change what type of items I get now in the weekly random drop? If so, what type of items should I expect?


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According to the Free2Play FAQ, Free users can only obtain Standard items (in item drops, these are just simple weapons and crates), whereas a Premium user can obtain Standard along with Rare and Cosmetic items, such as hats/miscellaneous cosmetics, a certain limited range of Paint Cans and tools.

A full list of obtainable items and more information can be found on this page of the TF2 wiki.


Actually, yes, there are slight differences.

Premium account types can get hat drops alongside the usual weapon drops, along with paint can drops, name tag, and other misc. items.


No, the only difference in the accounts are that premium accounts means that you can trade TF2 items from your weekly drops, but in the free accounts that is not possible. Also, you get a Mann Co. hat for getting a premium account.

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    Wrong, actually. The item drop system differs between free and premium accounts.
    – user114997
    Jul 21, 2015 at 15:27
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    As Texenox said. See his answer as a two-way learning experience - you learn more about TF2's account and drop system, as well as how an answer should be written - with a source to cite that isn't based on how little you may actually know. Jul 21, 2015 at 20:15

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