I just recently started playing Kotor2.

In the beginning, when you're in the medbay and the player controls the android, there was the chance to skip the prologue and I took it.

Since I'm not very advanced in the game, however, I was thinking about restarting to gain possible boons I might have missed, like items, XP or force points.

Was there anything of value I missed?

Also, if there are there any other skippable scenes in the game, the questions count for those as well.


Anything gained in the Prologue is lost. It is merely a tutorial.

I cannot consider later skippable scenes, because there is a lot of variation and complexity when it comes to benefits and drawbacks.

Note: There won't be any scenes past the Prologue that ask if you want to skip it. However, there could be scenes that you miss as you play the game, in which case, you may be missing out on loot, experience, or an ambush.

Edit: npst pointed out that there is a Steam achievement for completing the Prologue if you play KotOR2 on Steam.

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    There is a steam achievement for completing the prologue. – npst Jul 23 '15 at 22:17
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    @npst Thanks for the heads up, I will edit my post. They must have added achievements fairly recently. I also didn't use Steam to play KotOR2 myself :/ – Tyler Kropp Jul 23 '15 at 22:25

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