In Assassin's Creed Brotherhood there are five hidden artifacts in the Monteriggioni villa, and finding any of them unlocks the Dust to Dust achievement.

Where can I find them?

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    @badp: "Now in Brotherhood as Desmond you can run through the city for 10 minutes" - "The city" is Monteriggioni. I am not adverse to editing the question to remove the nebulous request for any missable easter eggs, but you've completely inverted the question and answer. The question is now full of more spoilers than the answer.
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There is one thing I know of to do in Monteriggioni during your limited exploration, aside from the mandatory plot points and the email.

There are five items, remnants of the villa from before the battle.

They are found at:

Maria's Feather Chest: On the villa's roof. Mario's Sword: Under a tree on the street. Ezio's Belt: Far right corner of the city facing the gates from the villa. Medici Cape: Left of the villa, inside a church. Record Book: Inside the villa on the right.

For finding them, you get:

A trophy/achievement, Dust to Dust, for the first one you find, and as far as I know, nothing else for the rest.

  • As I recall, the belt is very hard to see. It seems to be lying in a refuse heap and is hard to distinguish.
    – CyberSkull
    Nov 10, 2011 at 17:50

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