I want to settle down, and my friend says i can get a daughter and stuff, how do I?

PS.Is there jobs? Like, not quests, but actual jobs?

PPS.I dont have acces to any of the DLCs.


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Long story short:

  • Befriend an NPC of opposite gender (doing some quest for them or such)
  • Wear an Amulet of Mara (go to the temple in Riften if you don't have one)
  • Talk to the NPC
  • Go to Riften Temple to set up wedding
  • Attend wedding


You need the Hearthfire DLC to adopt children.

There aren't any day jobs (unless you count the small misc. tasks like chopping wood). I guess you could do a radiant quest for the companions every day and call yourself a "hunter", but that's about it. I guess any faction that has repeatable quests could qualify as a "job".

More info on marriage: Uesp:Marriage

More info on "jobs": Uesp:Tasks

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