I re-installed Minecraft after deleting it and now I can't find my minecraft folder to install mods on. I'm on a Mac.


~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

The problem is that the Library folder isn't visible in Finder by default. Just google "how to make library visible mac lion."

EDIT: Thanks to nitro.de, you don't have to make the library folder visible, just open it via terminal open ~/Library/Application\ Support/

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    You should add how to get to the folder if you dont want to make the folder visible. Finder - goto folder - ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft. Or via terminal open ~/Library/Application\ Support/. – Nitro.de Jul 24 '15 at 7:29
  • shift - command - g will bring up a go menu in finder, an item can still be invisible and it will work! – jbwar22 Sep 1 '15 at 21:50

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