I was just wondering if I put on a topper if it changes my hit box at all? Or if different toppers have more of a benefit over others?

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    I don't think hats make a difference, but I feel it's worth nothing that different vehicles seem to have different hitboxes (based on what I've seen). – GnomeSlice Aug 15 '15 at 10:45

They don't. It's only cosmetic.

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    ...and you know this how? – magnattic Aug 11 '15 at 9:03
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    @atticae if you look closly while hitting the ball with a big topper, the hat disappears into the ball. – Sime Kappa Aug 11 '15 at 9:21

Picture Evidence that the topper doesn't change the hitbox.

enter image description here

Equipped the tallest topper I have.

enter image description here

Flipped the car over. When the car is upside down, the top of the hitbox is resting against the field, and this shows that the hat is purely cosmetic.


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