I am signed in into a profile, but when I try saving my GTA 5 says I need to sign in to a profile in order to save.

I chose another profile, but it still showed the same thing. Please help?!


I was given the similar advice and it worked.However, it was suggested I do the following first:

  • clear out my consoles content cache.
  • delete 1.22 and heist updates from my consoles HDD and re-download.
  • then do the sign Out thing

Jonathan suggests:

Hey there Broken,

I suggest that you try the following:

  • Delete your profile (profile only, not profile and all items). * Make sure to restart your console. Typically with anyone having
    instant log out issues when starting a game/app, that process will
    resolve the issue.
  • Clear the system cache.
  • Re-download your profile
  • 1
    I formated the answer to best of my ability. I assume the later half is copied from a seperate answer somewhere. Feel free to revert or improve my edits, if need be. – DJ Pirtu Jul 30 '15 at 15:41

Try to change your xbox time to the right time

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