These problems are for Minecraft PE on Kindle Fire HD

My problem is that I can barely read signs. To read a sign I have to stand in a certain place and look in a certain direction and it can take ages for me to find out where that is. I have turned fancy graphics off and it still didn't work. I used to be able to see them but now I can't.

Can someone please help? Thanks.


This is a common problem with Kindles, as they get all the minecraft updates first, even when they are not completely finished. Luckily for you, a new update for minecraft has just come out which should fix this problem as well as add the cartoon texture pack. Just update your minecraft and it should work.

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  • This answer is outdated. Kindles no longer get new updates first. In fact, they tend to receive the updates weeks or even months after other platforms. – ZachTalonGamesYT Aug 24 '19 at 16:06

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