Today, I formatted my PC for the new Windows 10. Before doing that, I saved the whole Steam folder.

I've re-installed everything, copied back games on Steam and all are working fine, but now I launched GTA V to play online and asks me to do the prologue. I'm a bit confused since GTA V saves are made on the cloud (AFAIK).

Is there a way to skip the prologue? I just want to play online.

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I don't think there's a way to skip it, but if you're familliar with the game you should be able to rush through it in 10-12 minutes. Your goal is Franklin's bed after the little race thing, since that's the first save point.

This is somewhat annoying but fits with their design choices: sometimes when online fails it throws you directly back into single player, and you don't really want it to load into the prologue then.

Also, their odd UI forces you to load into the singleplayer and use the escape menu there if you want to start a online invite/friends/crew/solo game.

Thankfully after loading into any game mode once the load times are much reduced.


You cant skip it but if you die 3 times you have the option to skip that section. do it over first when exiting the bank then when michael and brad get shot if u skip those sections u wont have to do much

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