The internet is full of inconsistent tips about Nymph farming. So here's an easy one.

Do Nymphs spawn in the underground layer or the cavern layer?

  • As an extra tip, you can use a Lifeform Analyzer while carrying some Hunter potions and Binoculars. Once you see the Lifeform Analyzer show that there's a Lost Girl nearby you stand still, activate the Hunter Potion and use your Binoculars to scan the area around you. It's easier to find them in Pre-Hardmode, and while using a Drill Containment Unit. Be sure to not attack it before she turns into a Nymp, or you will get no loot.
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They spawn in the Cavern layer.

I have often found them near marble but they are not part of that spawn.. Most likely I slow down long enough around marble while being careful just to notice the Nymph.

Best thing? Get a rare creature detector (Lifeform Analyzer) from the Traveling Merchant and just keep an eye out for them.

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  • @ExplosionsPlus I had to look up the name of the life form analyzer :D I thought it was a scanner, hehe.
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Nymphs The Nymph The Lost Girl

Nymphs are rare enemies that spawns as a Lost Girl the first time you see it. The spawn rate is 0.6% in Pre-Hardmode and 0.1% in Hardmode.

They are found in the Caverns and not in the Underground.


Found in ice caves at cavern level. Better chance in pre-hardmode. To make a good farm in pre hardmode make a basic mob grinder but make it that you can walk through it and do not forgot do this 50 blocks above stone layer. Good Luck! PlanteraKiller

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