I was wondering if I could get a splash potion of regeneration 2, that lasts forever? I have already tried /give @p potion 1 16385 {Duration:100000} it just gives me a regular splash potion of regeneration. I really would like to make it last forever and be regeneration 2 or as high as possible.

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/give @p potion 1 16417 should give you a level II regeneration splash potion; replace 16417 with 16449 for an extended level I.

(After snapshot 15w31a, potions use the {Potion: type} tag to indicate their effect; use regeneration, strong_regeneration or long_regeneration in type for the respective potions.)

Unfortunately, the lengths and intensities of potions are hard-set; to my memory it is impossible to make custom potions without command-block trickery on, say, a water bottle. However, you could set up a command block, put in a book (or just type each time) the command /effect @p 10 1000000 2 (which is `/effect [player] [ID] [length] ; see this wiki page for all effect IDs).

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