Throughout your careers in either Poker Night at The Inventory or Poker Night 2, your 'nickname' (something like Ziggy Flophouser or whatever) will consistently change depending on your stats throughout. I've been wondering, however, what the different stats are that determine all the nicknames.

What are all the available nicknames in the two Poker Night games, and what are the criteria for them?

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Player Names in Poker Night were awarded based on a combination of your wins versus losses, measured against how long you had been playing. Here are some which I've encountered. They still manage to crack me up.

Paws Hogg, Poker Pro Ace Ginger, Stunt Pilot Rake Frechman, Money Aficionado Max Ides: The Middling Killer

Ziggy Flophouser Remy Rebuy, The Optimist Dame Olive Cardpalm Artie Flopshark, Deceased

Chet Chester, Cheddar Checker Chin "The Chilla Chin" Chiller Suzy Sideking Hamilton "Short" Stacks

Poorpockets McNewhols “Leaky" Milkstraw Bobo Woodcoin Mickey Mensch The Pocket Padder

Source: Telltale Community

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