I've started the "Discerning the Transmundane" quest, went to the Tower of Mzark in Blackreach, then tried placing the lexicon on the receptacle. - Nothing happened. Reloaded the save, restarted the game, still nothing. The lexicon is on my inventory, but I can't place it.

It might be to the fact that I had somehow lost the attunement sphere, and had to player.additem it back. How to proceed with the quest?

If it matters, it's a level 27 Khajit, mostly one-handed and sneak.

Note: Completely sure I didn't drop the sphere. It just vanished from the inventory.

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Ended up skipping the glitched part, directly giving myself the Runed Lexicon and updating quest state.

For that I used the UESP page of the quest, which contains all quest states, and a link to the item ID. Then it was just a matter of running the commands:

player.additem 0003a3dd 1
setstage DA04 35

This only skips the inscribing stage, not the whole quest.

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