Got multiple armor stands with the name _safezone_, what I want to achieve is to basically have "safe domes" where no players can get in, except for the ones already inside.

So I tried setting up a command which teleports everyone near the armor stand named _safezone_ to spawn.

/execute @e[name=_safezone_] ~ ~ ~ /tp @a[r=128,rm=150] @e[c=1,name=_spawn_]

And it returns with an error that it coudn't execute the command as the entity _safezone_. Is there a workaround - without spawning commandblocks everywhere? (or am I missing something?)


Well... seems like I mixed up "r" and "rm", rm stands for the minimum radius, not maximum, just swap it around, correction;

/execute @e[name=_safezone_] ~ ~ ~ /tp @a[r=150,rm=128] @e[c=1,name=_spawn_]
  • It's OK to answer your own question, but we usually prefer to have the answer in the answer instead of in the question.
    – Kevin
    Aug 7 '15 at 16:22

Use barrier blocks, theyre invisible, and cannot be broken. Not a fix, but a solution

  • How does that help someone teleport away from things?
    – Frank
    Aug 7 '15 at 22:06

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