Unlocking the faster health regeneration perk required you to hit 200 health. Since overcharged health declines until it hits 100 this strikes me as the kind of perk that can only be unlocked in very specific areas, and that you need to know ahead of time that the area contains enough health (since I'm assuming you'll need to dash around the area without taking damage picking up health packs). The perk seems really handy, so I don't want to miss my chance to unlock it.

Where is a good location to hit 200 health, and unlock the health regeneration perk?


A really good location for unlocking the perk is in the first level, in the room with the giant nazi picture. I've included a screenshot of the room below, but the the picture isn't visible (since it's also a secret door which I already opened):

enter image description here

The top floor alone contains enough to bring you from 100 -> 200 health, and the bottom floor contains 60 health worth of packs, so unless you go strolling into this area with less than 40 health you're guaranteed to gather enough health to unlock the perk.

The trick to unlocking the perk here is to just clear out all the enemies (ideally using stealth), and then dash through the top floor picking up all the health items you can. You can open up the painting by interacting with the Knight to the left of it (the one with the askew sword), which will take you up behind one of the commanders, allowing you to easily get a stealth kill on him.

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