In the Nintendo World Championship 1990 game, is it possible to completely play through Super Mario Bros?

By this, I mean not collecting 50 coins, but continue playing normally taking warp zones and going through the levels as fast as you can.

Could you eventually reach Bowser in level 8-4 and rescue the princess? Or are there unavoidable coins in the middle which would guarantee that you would get 50 coins before that happened?

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    Personally, I wouldn't say that it is the full game. Cartridge storage space was scarce back then. Then again, I haven't own a copy so don't take this as an answer. Commented Aug 9, 2015 at 12:06
  • "Nintendo world championship 1990" was only produced in very small volumes, so it's likely that development time would have been more important than cart cost. Cart storage space was scarce but not so scarce that a few early NES games (which were much smaller than later NES games) couldn't be crammed into one cart. Commented Mar 13, 2022 at 16:04

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The answer is yes, it is possible to finish a complete game
Here is the end screen:

enter image description here

After this the game repeats as in the original Mario Bros, that is, starting from World 1-1, with the goombas replaced by buzzy beatles

We are not allowed to change world with the B button
The score and coin counts reset to 0, but the timer of the game cart continues

enter image description here

Once the timer is up, only the current score in mario is counted as the NWC score

enter image description here

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