I'm on the last stage of At the Summit of Apocrypha, where supposedly the books collected during the previous chapters must be placed in the correct pedestals. However, upon interacting with any of the pedestals to select a book to place, the only option present is "None".

"The pedestal stands empty. What book would you like to place?" <None>

Even after reloading an older save and going through Waking Dreams again, this situation still occurs. What have I done wrong?

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    Just to be clear: do you have the books called Boneless Limbs, Delving Pincers, Prying Orbs, and Gnashing Blades? – John Laviolette Aug 11 '15 at 16:55
  • @JohnLaviolette Well, I picked them up, but they are not in my inventory. – Kroltan Aug 11 '15 at 18:03

As you've mentioned in the comment, those books are not in your inventory. You need those books in your inventory to be able to place them on their respective pedestals.

From the At the Summit of Apocrypha wikia page:

The pedestal with the fangs – Gnashing Blades

The pedestal with the pincers – Delving Pincers

The pedestal with the tentacles – Boneless Limbs

The pedestal with the eye – Prying Orbs

Since you should've been forced to pick them up in order to get to the point you are at now, I'm not entirely sure how you don't have them anymore. Luckily, you're on PC, so you could just use console commands to add them to your inventory. Here are the Item IDs of each book:

  • On Apocrypha: Boneless Limbs: XX03A35F
  • On Apocrypha: Delving Pincers: XX03A360
  • On Apocrypha: Gnashing Blades: XX03A361
  • On Apocrypha: Prying Orbs: XX03A362
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  • I ended up doing that. Never really understood how that happened, when the books were collected, none of them appeared appeared in the inventory. – Kroltan Dec 22 '16 at 18:02
  • @Kroltan that's really weird. Sounds like a bug. – Vemonus Dec 22 '16 at 18:06

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