If i dont pick up relics when they drop. will the chance of encountering a different one still be reduced?

With Patch v1.4.1.5 the relic system has been re-worked. Obtaining all relics in game is no longer possible, the obtaininig has been limited to a number, each time you pick a relic your chance to get a new one decreases. Due to this system, the singular relics are now much more powerful than before and give out more stats and deal more damage. The rules are as follows

Chance for your first relic is 70% and decreases by 2% with every relic you pick up. So you are technically unable to find more than 35 relics. But you can still buy relics in Treasure Fort

Therefore, should i always pick up relics or be selective?

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From the way it is worded I would have to say you should be selective since it decreases with every one you pick up. Having 35 relics would take a little while to get however so this tactic should only be used by experienced players that will have longer runs where maxing out is an issue. I can see this being somewhat useful if you get a relic you just don't need. However, you can always buy more relics, but they do get pretty expensive.

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