I got an objective to have 15 male and female couples dance. I'm at 9 times now and I've only 2 pregnant women (I only need 2 right now, might ruin it if I get another one).

My question is: if I put a pregnant dweller with a male dweller in the living quarters, will they still dance?

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    Such a missed opportunity to name the question Can pregnant people dance – Deltharis Aug 17 '15 at 8:12

Dwellers dance when they are about to make a baby.

Given that pregnant dwellers can not get pregnant, no. Pregnant dwellers will not dance.

I have confirmed this with a GameFAQs forum post, where a user advises on how to complete this objective quickly, and without the issue of having to worry about overpopulation.

TL, DR: As soon as the dwellers start dancing, it counts as them having danced. Immediately move one of the dwellers to a different room, then immediately move them back. The "baby making process" will reset, and you will have made them dance, without getting one of them pregnant.


No. When your dwellers dance it means that they are preparing to have a baby. And some advice to you: Don't get too many dwellers pregnant, because they won't fight if there is an attack.

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    it's true they won't fight back if there's an attack, but you can use that as your strategy too, children and pregnant female dwellers /can't/ die – user121445 Aug 17 '15 at 6:58

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