I don't like to see my vault dwellers be unhappy. Does it affect anything that I should be worried about? Give me suggestions on how to make their happiness go up.

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    A suggestion: remove the part asking for suggestions to up happiness, and post a seperate question simply asking how do I raise a vault dwellers happiness.
    – user106385
    Aug 17 '15 at 4:41

Happiness impacts on your daily Vault Overseer review.

Every 24 hours, you recieve a rating, based off the general happiness of your dwellers.

Higher happiness ratings will reward more bottle caps.


Over all Happy Dweller make production faster. If you's average rate of happiness is 90-100% you will have the benefit of Food, Water, Power + 10% reduce in production time . This benefit will be reduce 1% for each 10% of average happiness.

The easiest way to booth the happiness is to "get laid". The dweller who "get laid" will have 100% of happiness.

There are some reasons that make your dweller unhappy include: lack of food, have a dead body in the room. If you remove these factor the happiness will raise again.

  • It reduces production time? I always looked at it increased production rates. So when you collect resources, you gain a percentage more than you normally would. Aug 17 '15 at 5:31

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