I know that Mr. Handy will pick up caps when on walkabout; will he also pick up weapons and/or outfits?


Ok, let's see what Mr. Handy can do:

  1. He can collect resources from the floor he's assigned to
  2. He can be used as helper in case of room emergencies (fires, bugs, rat moles)
  3. He can be used as defender when raiders or deathclaws attack. Advantages are that he's tough, he doesn't count as a dweller so you can have now 7 defenders in one room, he'll travel to the room automatically (if it's on his floor), so you don't have to assign him manually, like a dweller
  4. He can explore the Wasteland but can only collect caps (but he's very good at collecting caps)
  5. He doesn't gain experience (doesn't levels up)
  6. He cannot be healed with stimpacks
  7. He can die
  8. He can be revived using caps exactly like a dweller (but costs around 2000 caps)
  9. He is vault specific. Cannot be shared between your vaults.

That's pretty much it about Mr Handy.

TL/DR: Mr. Handy cannot pick loot while exploring, only caps.

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    Mr. Handy is really quite poor at picking up caps in the Wasteland, he just gets a few hundred per day. – 00prometheus Nov 14 '15 at 15:08
  • Emphasis on the fact that he will only patrol a single floor. After getting a Mr. Handy as a quest reward and finding this out, I would have been super disappointed had I actually spent 99¢ to buy him. – Unknown Zombie Jan 11 '17 at 16:32

Mr handy will not collect loot, He only collects caps, in my experience aswell he is quite slow about it and has not been damaged yet.


It states in the pre game hints that Mr. Handy should pick up loot (items) while exploring the Waste, but so far I´ve never seen him do that.

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