Recently Halfbrick updated an update for Jetpack Joyride and it automatically changed the game language to my System Language (pt-br).

The biggest problem is that their translation to pt-br is not very good, it's full of errors and it just ruined the game's atmosphere. I don't want to change the system language just to play a game so, can anyone tell me how to change it back?


This is not possible, according to their help page:

At the current point in time there is no way to change your language from within Jetpack Joyride.

The game automatically mirrors whichever language is active on your device, unless your language is not supported in which case it should revert to English.

We are hoping to change this system in a future update and will post more information as soon as it becomes available.

In the meantime, changing your language at the device level should do the trick.

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