Recently, I installed MetaMod and SourceMod. Since I installed these I have been having the server report that it cannot find any maps. This is strange because when I go on the server as a client, everything seems fine. I have not installed any SourceMod plugins and have taken a picture of the errors here. Note it says a lot more that in the screenshot, but it is just saying the same thing for every map.

Server error

I also took a picture of my maps folder (hlserver\tf2\tf\maps) and the maps were all there:

Map folder

And here is my server running ctf_2fort with no problems!

Server is running fine!

I think this might actually be a bug in either SourceMod, MetaMod or SteamCMD for reporting it wrong because it clearly does have the maps, and can read them fine. However I do want to find a way to stop these errors.

Also, if you are answering this question as an experienced Source game server administrator you may be interested with helping me with this question here as my server is showing up strange errors before it even reports the missing maps.

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This is actually being caused by SourceMod. It calls Map_IsValid internally.

However, Valve changed it so Map_IsValid now takes absolute paths.

Installing a SourceMod 1.7.3 snapshot should fix this issue as it now uses the new FindMap command to resolve map names instead.


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