Whenever I boot up my console, end a game, or simply tap guide button and Y, the Bing page shows up instead of my Dashboard. My LB works fine and the hijacking is annoying.

I've tried: 1. delete and re-download my profile; 2. clear cache; 3. update rollback; 4. install offline update.

As long as I sign in Xbox Live, Bing hijacks my Dashboard. If I skip sign-in or sign in with no internet, no Bing, no pain.

Only found one post about 2 months ago: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/927749-xbox-360/72011688

Anyone knows how to fix this? I've wasted way more time than expected. Chat with xbox support did provide some plan like rollback and offline update, but didn't work.

  • Have the same problem. Does your settings tab also show two kinect boxes?
    – user121916
    Aug 22 '15 at 1:56
  • yes, didn't realize that until you mentioned it. The down-left corner should be "Account", but when signed-in it's another "Kinect". Disconnect from XLive and it becomes "Account" again.
    – leoce
    Aug 22 '15 at 2:47
  • the 2 "Kinect" issue is gone on my console, but Bing home is still there. Same to yours?
    – leoce
    Aug 25 '15 at 15:00

This is probably a problem on microsofts end. I've heard that recently there's been problems with the servers.

  • 1
    Welcome on Arqade ! Consider reading the Tour. Unfortunately, you probably don't really answer the question, unless you have a trustable source.
    – Ealhad
    Aug 22 '15 at 14:53

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