I just got a new weapon (Watcher's Greatsword), upgraded it to +5 and infused it with magic.

Now, I wanted to spend my souls on leveling but when I pull up the leveling screen and change the points of an attribute, the attack rating of my main weapon (said greatsword) drops drastically.

Is this really the attack rating the sword will have after my level-up? The weapon would become worthless for me. I can only assume this is a bug. I'm stuck with a lot of souls now because I don't want my weapon to loose so much power.

In the top right corner it displays a drop from 487 to 327.

Screenshot DSII

I also un-equipped the weapon and used another one instead. For other weapons I don't see any decrease. Why would there be any? But, for this one greatsword it shows this huge drop in attack rating.

Anyone got a clue what is going on here? Can I safely level-up with loosing that much attack rating on my greatsword?

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It turned out to be a bug in the game.

It is related to the Crown of the Sunken King which I was wearing at that moment.

The Watcher's Greatsword requires 18 strength. I have 17 strength and reach 18 because of the buff from the Crown of the Sunken King.

As soon as I tried to increase one of my stats, the calculation ignored the fact that I was wearing the crown, leading to a false result with 17 strength which is of course too low to use the Watcher's Greatsword properly.

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