When you generate a new world in Terraria (in game not through the console) an icon of a tree is shown. The same icon will be shown when selecting the world from the list:

Image of a Terraria world list with images of trees to the left of the world info

What are all the different possibilities and what do they mean?

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The tree indicates what is on the world.

You can have either Purple/Green leaves which means that the world will have Corruption, or you can have Red/Green leaves which means that the world will have Crimson.

Also after defeating the Wall of Flesh (and entering hard mode) a yellow streak will appear on the tree indicating that the world has hallow in it.

In the following image, the first world has corruption and hallow, the second is a corruption world pre-hardmode, and the third image is a crimson world pre hardmode.

Image of three different world trees on the world list


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