I've just sent out an explorer but forgot to give him a good armor. I wanted to call him back so I can give him the armor, but I gave him a number of Stimpaks and RadAways.

If unused, will these items be returned to storage or will they go to waste?


Stimpaks and radaways will go back into storage, but will not exceed capacity.

For example, let's say you have a capacity of 25 stimpaks. You send all of them out with an explorer. While they are exploring, your medbay creates 6 more stimpaks and places them in storage. If the explorer comes back into the vault with 25 stimpaks, you will end up with only 25 stimpaks in storage because while 6 + 25 = 31, the 6 stimpaks above capacity are discarded, leaving you with your capacity of 25 stimpaks.


The leftover stim and med packs remain with the dweller. You can click on the dweller to select them and then - or + packs that the dweller is carrying.


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